Project and Proposal Development Workshops


The Project and Proposal Development Workshop series is a pilot program designed to enhance professional development among OCO & UO physics graduate students.

Students will participate in four workshops designed to enhance understanding of sponsored projects and project development. 


Workshop Application


Throughout the course of the program participants will have the option to develop a research proposal that will be submitted to the OCO for peer-reviewed competition.  The best entry/entries will receive an award to be used for the budgeted purposes. 


Grant Writing 101

– This workshop will discuss the standard parts that are required for most grant proposals and provide samples of successful proposal parts. Special emphasis will be placed on writing grants for the physical sciences (1 hour). [file:PTC-RFP-v2.pdf=Workshop 1 Handouts]

Budgeting & Stewardship

– This workshop will focus on developing coherent, fundable budgets.  Students will learn aspects of budgeting for typical scientific research grants.  Emphasis will also be placed on stewarding grand monies after an award has been made.  Some topics covered will include: facilities and administrative costs, budget categories, activity reports, scope and changes in budget (1 hour). [file:Workshop-2.pdf=Workshop 2 Handouts]


Finding the Money and Submitting the Proposal

– In this workshop students will learn more about how to find funding for their projects.  There will be an overview of the major sponsors for research in the physical sciences and a discussion of standard submission practices.  Tome topics covered will include: your sponsored projects office,, NSF, DOD & NIH guidelines (1 hour). [file:Workshop-3.pdf=Workshop 3 Handouts]

Proposal Development

– This workshop will discuss how to develop research ideas into coherent proposals.  Participants will bring a sample proposal summary to the workshop for discussion and development (3 hours).


All physics and OCO graduate students are eligible to participate in the first three workshops. Students who have passed their comprehensive exams may participate in the 4th workshop if they plan to submitt a proposal to the contest.

Deadlines & Dates

Workshop Applications Due - March 6, 2009

Workshop 1 - April 9

Workshop 2 - April 16

Workshop 3 - April 23

Workshop 4 - April 30

Proposals Due June 1

Proposal Review June 12

The project and proposal development workshop series The isThe Project and Proposal Development Workshop Series supported by funding from the Oregon Center for Optics and the University of Oregon Physics Department.