Generation, manipulation and measurement of quantum light: From quantum physics to technology

Friday, February 27, 2015 -
10:00am to 12:00pm
Brian Smith
Speaker's Institution: 
Oxford, UK

The abilities to accurately create, manipulate and characterize quantum systems are essential for fundamental tests of quantum physics and realization of emergent quantum-enhanced technologies. Optical quantum systems offer unique capabilities in their low decoherence rates at room temperature and relative ease of control, making them ideally suited as proving grounds of quantum applications and foundations. However, a key challenge is associated with photon-photon interaction. Here I focus on our recent work to experimentally realize generation, control and measurement of non-classical states of light and their effective interaction. In particular, emphasis is placed on generation of photon-number states and coherent manipulation of quantum superpositions of photon-number states. Experimental probing of the implemented quantum operation is performed using custom detection that shows the effective nonlinear interaction can be achieved by multi-photon interference and projective measurement, but that the efficacy of this process is limited primarily by current detection techniques. Future directions of research associated with alternative measurements and resource states are discussed as potential extensions of this work.