Deutsch Group Research


The Deutsch Group’s research interests focus on optical phenomena in novel micro- and nano-patterned materials. In particular, we are interested in the linear and nonlinear optical response of metallodielectric composite systems, patterned on length scales ranging form several nanometers to optical (micrometer) scales. There are two major directions in our research. The first focuses on developing artificial metallodielectric materials (also known as metamaterials) with multi-scale spatial features, and the optical characterization of these materials. Metallodielectric structures are obtained by various fabrication techniques: chemical deposition, electron-beam patterning and colloidal self assembly are the most frequently utilized. These artificially structured materials exhibit strong optical nonlinearities as well novel dispersive characteristics, properties which render them suitable for optical and chemical sensing applications. The second research direction involves theoretical modeling and numerical simulations of some of the materials we study experimentally, as well as additional systems which are currently only available for theoretical study. This approach helps us understand fundamental aspects of interaction of light with structured metallodielectric systems. We are investigating the propagation of surface plasmons on structured interfaces, nonlinear plasmon interactions and coherently coupled plasmonic systems.