Jeff Cina's Research Notes

The following are a selection of Jeff Cina's Reserach Notes.

These file contains Jeff Cina's mostly hand-written notes on 6 full chapters from Landau and Lifshitz’s Electrodynamics of Continuous Media.

Included are notes for the following chapters:
I. Electrostatics of Conductors
II. Electrostatics of Dielectrics,
IV. Static Magnetic Field
VII. Quasistatic Electromagnetic Field
IX. The Electromagnetic Wave Equations
XVI. Diffraction of X-rays in Crystals
Also included are:
  • Notes on ECM Chapter VI. Superconductivity
  • Sections 23 & 24 of L&L's Classical Theory of Fields (on The electromagnetic field tensor and Loentz transformation of the field)
  • Sections 123 & 124 from L&L's Statistical Physics, Part 1 (on the generalized Suceptibility and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem, respectively)
  • A Lecture or two from Feynman's lecture series (including the one on Faraday's Law of Induction)
  • Several Chapter from Purcell's Undergraduate E & M book
  1. )
  2. L&L Notes Pages 101-200
  3. L&L Notes Pages 201-300
  4. L&L Notes Pages 301-400
  5. L&L Notes Pages 401-500
  6. L&L Notes Page 501-600
  7. L&L Notes Page 601-734

Jeff Cina's notes on femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy

  1. How fissors works
  2. Fissors dipole sudden force flip
  3. Simplified 2-mode model for fissors
  4. Setting up numerical calcs fissors signal
  5. Going After Raman Tensor


Miscellaneous Notes

Jeff Cina's notes on Kramer's 1940 Paper on Brownian motion in a field of force

Jeff Cina's notes on Wang & Uhlenbeck's 1945 review of Brownian Motion

Jeff Cina's notes on Comparing md-WPI & FWM - Part 1

Jeff Cina's notes on Comparing md-WPI & FWM - Part 2

Jeff Cina's derivation and analysis of Redfield theory

Jeff Cina's notes on md-WPI and heterodyne-detected FWM for molecule with two electron levels

Jeff Cina's analysis of Spectrally resolved transient grating spectroscopy

Jeff Cina's notes  on Segale & Apkarian's 5-color 4-wave mixing experiments

Jeff Cina's notes on Gottfried & Jan's Quantum Mechanics Interpretation Chapter (April 2012)

Jeff Cina's Notes on Laszlo Tiszas Thermodynamics - Pages 1-20

Jeff Cina's Notes on Laszlo Tiszas Thermodynamics - Pages 21-41

Jeff Cina's Notes on Laszlo Tiszas Thermodynamics - Pages 41-61

Jeff Cina's Notes on Weyl and Wigner

Jeff Cina's Notes on Electronic absorption via variational FVBGB

Jeff Cina's Notes on Transient transmission signals from a one-chromophore syste: short-pulse escitation and probing of spectrally resolved stimulated-emission, ground-state bleach, excited-state absorption, and transient signal contributions.

Transient transmission signals- Pages 1-20

Transient transmission signals- Pages 21-43