OCO Faculty

178 Willamette Hall
Physics and synthesis of low-dimensional systems
Nanoelectromechanical systems
Solid-state defect centers and qubits
Klamath Hall, Rm 146
Theory and Simulation of time-resolved Optical Spectroscopy
Willamette Hall, Rm 275
Optics of disordered metallodielectric structures
Optical sensing
Tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy
Molecular electronics
Klamath Hall, Rm 109
Wavepacket dynamics in molecules
Molecular dynamics in complex systems
Nonlinear spectroscopy of biomolecular systems
361 Willamette
free electron physics and interferometry
matter wave optics
electron microscopy
magnetic materials
183 Klamath
novel scanning probe techniques for atomic-resolution spectroscopic studies of physics and chemistry in molecular and nanoscale materials
Willamette Hall, Rm 456
Microcavity optics
Willamette Hall, Rm 276
Quantum information
Quantum optics
Nonlinear Optics
Spectroscopy with quantum entangled light
Complex quantum networks
Willamette Hall, Rm 277
Cold-atom physics
Measurement and control of quantum systems
Quantum nonlinear dynamical systems and the quantum and classical transition
Willamette Hall, Rm 440B / 251
Quantum Communication/Cryptography
Willamette Hall, Rm 274
Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures
143 Klamath